Katie Harris

I have travelled all over Europe as a personal dressage groom, caring for all the horses’ and riders’ needs. I have gained huge experience working with all types of different horses and riders of all levels.

I have been trained to work in a sympathetic and effective manner around the horses. I have been trained in a classic and traditional way by some fantastic riders, including Fiona Bigwood, Anders Dhal, Jacky Stolper, Vicki Thompson, and Jane Gregory.

With theses riders I have had the wonderful opportunity to ride at PSG level and compete with British dressage for a number of years.

I am currently working with my own young horse and training regularly with Andrew Murphy and Dan Chapman.

Katie Bailey


I am really enjoying Katie working with us to improve my riding and my pony’s schooling. After a short period of time, I am feeling much more positive about our partnership. Other people at the yard have commented on how much I have improved and how nicely Katie rides my pony when she schools him. Highly recommended.

Sarah Emily

In the short time I have had Katie teach me I have gained so much already.
Seeing results each time I have my lesson with my very tricky youngster, Katie always has a solution to things and is always on the end of the phone if I need her with any problems I have been faced with.
I can not wait for next summer as by then I’m sure my naughty New Forest will have come on in leaps and bounds like he already is.

Katie is reliable, friendly and knows her stuff highly recommended!!!

Lois Lock

Katie is a fantastic instructor she is clear and concise and sympathetic to your needs. She has helped me enormously with re training my horse and we competed in our first dressage test last Sunday. I would totally recommend her.

Sarah Boxall

Katie clipped my 34 year old pony today & she has done the most amazing job. He looks fantastic & the clip is so very neat . Kate was so patient & professional . Excellent value & she offered to hot towel him when she had finished . I would highly recommend her

Rachel Farmer

Harvey is an 18 year old sports cob, and In the 4 months I’ve been having lesson with Katie, we have achieved so much. Myself and Harvey are working from the basics, of working correctly, straight and maintaining suppleness. Each week varies depending on how he has been going and how he is working that day. We work on both previous exercises as well as new ones, giving us things to go away and practice. After each lesson I always finish feeling like we have achieved something!

Lucy Milne
Katie has made schooling so enjoyable for me and my gelding.
She manages to be kind and encouraging whilst driving you to want to keep doing better
I consider Katie to be the best instructor I have ever had and would recommend her no matter your level or confidence.
Samantha Macey
Katie has been teaching me for around 5 years,when l bought my young horse Ed . l am an experienced rider but quite nervous after several falls and breakages..! Katie has helped me school him and we have done dressage, hacking and Cowdray Park with my husband ( also trained by Katie ).
Ed is a lovely boy but can be strong willed so an experienced and patient instructor is a must….!
Julie Card

Katie has been teaching me for about 5 years.  I rode other people’s horses for 10 years then met my wife Julie who had her own horses.  I gave up riding and became the lorry driver to shows and competitions for about 22 years..!    I decided to ride again, found my pony Chester.  I had a couple of instructors but never really clicked with them. Then I found Katie for my wife and her new horse, I liked Katies patience and positive attitude so started having lessons with her.    I have videos of the first times I rode Chester and can’t believe how far we have progressed.    I was super nervous..!   I now feel 100% confident and have done 10 mile charity rides at Cowdary Park the last 3 years.we are currently working slowly on jumping.I should add I am 61 this year and enjoy my horse and riding more than ever thanks to Katie and her patience and kindness.

Tim Card
Katie has been helping me restore confidence with my rather strong minded t/b mare. She is able to relate to issues that arise and comes up with a solution. Katie has taken things slowly with us and I can now proudly say I am back in the saddle!!!
I really look forward to my weekly lesson which keeps both of us on the right track and makes riding a pleasure again for both of us.
Debbie Whistler
Me and my horse Flint have been on quite a journey since i bought him 3 years ago as a very immature 6 year old! Katie has helped us both so much through phases of spooking and napping and having zero concentration and thanks to her patience and understanding he is now at 9 becoming a great little horse. Last summer i took him to riding club camp, we’ve also done hunter trials, a sponsored ride, showjumping at hickstead and even managed our first dressage test. Shes a great instructor and has the ability to understand the horse and rider and adapt her teaching to get the best out of them. I love my lessons and can’t wait till the next one!
Katie Cleaves
Katie and I have been schooling together for the last eighteen months.  I am a nervous rider and Millie had become quite a trippy horse over the years and had managed to throw me, so my confidence was low. Katie has worked calmly, sympathetically and professionally. In fact Millie and I have learnt so much since working with Katie that Millie came 4th in her first dressage competition recently!  I cannot rate Katie highly enough.
Cindy Meadows

I came to Katie as I wanted to progress with my dressage. She has been fab, she is patient and always willing to find other ways to do things and will adapt according to each individual and horse. She’s clear on what she asks and since having lessons with Katie I’ve noticed a huge difference in my horse and myself. I love my lessons with her and look forward to the future with her intuition right beside me. Thanks so much ?

Vicki Sargeant

Katie is a talented & trustworthy rider and trainer. Myself and Lily, my horse, have come so far in such a small amount of time. Katie is so caring & we have built a great friendship. She is also so kind to lily and has a great bond with her giving me the best exercises to help us both. We work on things like my balance & posture to lilys way of going & Katie always knows the correct things to be working on and also keeps it fun. I always look forward to my lessons & I feel I can talk to Katie about any issues that may arise with lily! Would recommend 100%!

I took on an ex-racehorse who at 17 years old had only ever known 1 job – how to go very fast in a straight line and jump 6 foot hedges. Katie has helped me on the journey of re-schooling him, and I feel like she really understands me and my horse. He can be quite sensitive, and he often finds jumping or even just the thought of jumping very exciting. Katie uses some great techniques and exercises to help keep him calm. We both really enjoy our lessons with Katie, every lesson is fun and we’re always learning something new with different exercises. I have a better partnership with my horse as he’s learnt how to listen to me, his confidence has grown so much and we’ve both come a long way from where we started.
Jodie Kovacs

I wasn’t really fussed about having lessons, but am so pleased that I did.  Found Katie to be the best instructor that I have come across.  Both my horse and I have come so far.  Really looking forward to the next few months.  Thank you so much.

Graham Wheeler

I have had a few different riding instructors in the past and am so happy to have found Katie.  I had lost my nerve as have had a few accidents with bolters and buckers.  I have owned my Friesian since he was a few months old and Katie has given me so much confidence.  I wish I had found her years ago.  Did my first canter on him the other week and I can honestly say that I have no nerves at all now.  I trust Katie 100% and know that she is there for me and my horse every step of the way.

Karen Wheeler