Firstly let me say a very happy new year to all of my clients, and a massive thank you for all of the support from all of my clients this past year.

I hope that you had a very successful year with your horse and that you are looking forward to the challenges that the rest of the winter will hold!

I have been particularly busy this last year. The 7.5 ton horse box has being in heavy use. Lots of exciting competitions have been happening with one of the  main highlights being the Sunshine tour at Hickstead, where Julia one of my long term clients riding Truway ‘Wizard’ has managed a small role on TV, featuring on Horse & Country.

I wanted to make some special mentions to some of my clients that have had great success this year.

Tim with Chester, your riding really has come on leaps and bounds, this is down to listening in the lessons and having a plan for your riding. Well done – especially upon only riding once a week as this is a though task.

Stacey with Bentley, I truly believe that your dedication to wanting to improve on your riding and confidence with road work and hacking and hard work in the lessons has set you and Bentley up to go forward in a confident partnership together. Well done.

This year ‘All Your Equestrian Needs’ has gone form strength to strength taking on a great number of new clients with varying needs of assistance with their horses. I have now been operating locally since 2014, and the years really have flown! I have been taking on a majority of teaching work, although we still offer all of the clipping, turning out and yard services that we are known for. I now offer an half an hour and 45 minute lesson for local clients.

I have been also taking on the sale and acquisition of horses for a number of  private clients this year. This has had a great response and I have had success selling horses within the UK, and one has even gone to a great home in Europe. I have sourced a number of great horses this year. One Pony Arnie with rider Madison has gone onto win a number of rosettes in a very short period of time – this has been a great combination that will go far and have a long partnership. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in buying a horse or selling.

As you have probably seen the old Land Rover has now gone and I have invested in a brand new van of which you will see at all of the local yards and driving around. Keep an eye out and wave if you see me!

Over the coming months we are looking to roll out some clothing so if you are interested in a All Your Equestrian Needs polo they will be available on the website very soon.

My own horse’s training is coming on very well, the ongoing hard work and training at home is definitely paying off.  I have achieved my own personal goal of competing at Crofton Pet Plan championship in the summer. This was one of the highlights of this years training with my horse. I have been working with two well respected dressage trainers and have been keeping a lesson plan so that I can keep my goals well within sight and reach. This is vitally important to me and I would recommend anyone wanting to achieve their horse aspirations to do the same. We are competing over the winter months at various local competition centres to strive to get those percentages up.

Have an awesome Winter season and if you have any equestrian needs please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 07788 585988 or

Please check out the website for prices and a full list of services.